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Mindful Snacking with Tang

Philippines – November 10, 2020 – As part of the world’s leading snacks company, Mondelez Philippines aims to empower people to snack right. This means providing the right snack, for the right moment and made the right way. It also means promoting mindful snacking – or the practice of being in the moment and eating with attention and intention. Recently the Company shared how it is promoting Mindful Snacking with one of its biggest brands, Tang. 

Snacking is much more than eating between meals 

All over the world, snacking is growing. The lines between snacking and meals is blurring. Mondelez Philippines knows that consumers don’t want to have to choose between snacking and eating right. These days, snacks mean more than just something you eat in-between meals. According to a 2019 State of Snacking survey which the Company undertook, three trends are influencing snacking all over the world: (1) Snacking is eclipsing meals globally as appetites for smaller bites grows. (2) Snacking offers bite-sized rituals connecting us to culture and community and (3) Snacks nourish body, mind, and soul; with indulgence remaining a priority.

Mindful Snacking: Eating with Attention + Intention 

Seeing these trends in snacking, Mondelez Philippines takes it upon itself to not only make delicious snacks for consumers, but to also promote Mindful Snacking to ensure wellbeing. Mindful Snacking is an approach to eating with attention and intention. 

‘Attention’ means being conscious of what you want to eat, why you’re eating, and how it makes you feel. So, you don’t have to choose between snacking and eating right for the moment. Experts have found that Mindful Snacking has benefits: Focusing on the present moment can help you discover a more satisfying and positive snacking experience and makes you less likely to binge or overeat. 

‘Intention’ means choosing the right snacks for your needs. To support this, Mondelez Philippines works to provide consumers easy access to the right snacks, for the right moment, and made the right way. Like Tang, which offers affordable nutrition and refreshment for the entire family. 

Snack Mindfully with Tang 

As the #1 Powdered Beverage brand in the Philippines, Tang aims to become Moms’ ally in providing the right snack for moms to protect her children and prepare them for a brighter future. Tang has been in the Philippines since 1972, with 48 years of refreshing Moms and their families. It provides a truly delicious and nourishing drink for the family and offers the widest portfolio of 21 fruit-flavored beverages. 

Tang is the right snack, containing 100% of your family’s Vitamin C requirements with every glass. Vitamin C is that much more important for children to have these days, with the prevalence of COVID-19 and other diseases. Tang aims to be Moms’ ally in providing not only refreshment and deliciousness, but also affordable nutrition. With only P18 per pack, which makes 5 glasses of beverage, Mom can provide her family with nutrition, protection and refreshment. 

This deeply rooted presence in Filipino’s lives also allows Tang to provide for a wide variety of consumer needs – for the right moment. This includes the creation of Tang Sweet Orange – a flavor that’s only available in Mindanao. It is Mas Lami, or made more delicious for the taste preferences of our different regions in the country. 

As a leader in the powdered beverage category, Tang works to set the standard for high quality and product benefits – it is made the right way. The brand stands by its promise to Moms, to provide only wholesome nutrition. Tang is also made with real fruit extracts and has no artificial flavors. As a trusted company, it also abides by all government regulations and is a responsible corporate citizen, supporting community programs that help empower children and their community.  

Snack Mindfully with Tang and Mondelez Philippines, with the right snacks, for the right moment, and made the right way.  

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